The Recco type focaccia on Lake Como


The focaccia of Portovino

The Recco type focaccia

Portovino is the first and the only restaurant on Lake Como which has the classical Focaccia from Recco, Liguria.

Minimum 2 people.

Our recipe

Our focaccia is made with medium-strong flour and without baking powder.
The dough, which stand at 3° for around 6 hours, is stretched out by hand and then stuffed.
It is possible to taste the Recco type focaccia with different ingredients: pesto, gorgonzola, seasonal vegetables or San Daniele raw ham.

The most recent reviews

The only restaurant on Lake Como where you can taste the Recco focaccia

The only restaurant on Lake Como where you can taste the Recco focaccia What to say: the focaccia di Recco tasted at Portovino di Colico brought back old childhood memories. The flavor, texture and cooking of this focaccia fully reflect the Ligurian tradition of Focaccia di Recco. We phoned a few days before to book: on their website we saw that they offer 6 types of toppings for focaccia di Recco. We chose the classic but, seeing these large trays pass with the other fillings as well, we decided that we will be back soon together to taste them all. The focaccia is served on a baking tray and, for two people, is really abundant. However, we have not advanced any 😉 The restaurant is located in a wonderful location: right on the Lungolago di Colico and, after dinner, in fact, we took the opportunity to take a walk nearby. We chose this restaurant in Colico because it is the only one on Lake Como to offer Recco focaccia and our expectations were not disappointed: I recommend everyone to try it! The staff suggested that we always book in order to be sure to find fresh focaccia. Well done!

Focaccia di Recco by the lake

Focaccia of course!

Compulsory stop: tables overlooking the lake, mountains and lots of delicious focaccia (various choices)! Absolutely to try

The Recco focaccia is very good

It was a nice surprise to eat the Recco focaccia on Lake Como: I didn’t expect it. Nothing to envy to the Recco focaccia which I have eaten many times in Liguria. The location is beautiful. The owner was kind and also offered us coffee and digestive. See you soon Matteo and thanks for everything.